Редакционная коллегия

PROKUDIN Dmitry Evgenievich (Editor-in-Chief), Doctor of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University, ITMO University, Russia

Research interests:

  • information and communication technologies in education and scientific activity: theoretical and applied issues of development and application;
  • informatization of education: theoretical and applied directions;
  • the main directions of the information society development;
  • information culture: theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research on the formation of human information culture and the cultural space of the information society;
  • application of digital humanities methods in scientific research.

Editorial work:

  • Chairman of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Studia Culturae
  • Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Culture and Technology"
  • Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal "Logical and Philosophical Studies"
  • Member of the editorial Board of the scientific journal "Conflictology"

BABINA Olga Anatolyevna, PhD in Art History, Russian Museum, Russia

BUDRIN Alexander Germanovich, Doctor of Economics, ITMO University, Russia

VERNYAEV Igor Ivanovich, Candidate of Historical Sciences, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

KOLPAKOVA Natalia Vladimirovna, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

PARINOV Sergey Ivanovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

SMOLIN Artyom Alexandrovich (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), PhD in Philosophy, ITMO University, Russia

KUDRYAVTSEVA Marina Valeryevna (Executive Secretary), ITMO University, Russia