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Welcome to the website of the international scientific electronic multimedia magazine "Culture and technology".

The journal's mission is to create an interdisciplinary platform for discussing current issues and trends in the interaction of culture and technology. The target audience of the publication is employees of cultural organizations, universities and scientific laboratories, creative workers, specialists in the field of information and communication and optical technologies, as well as creative industries, researchers of social, humanitarian and technological aspects of the development of culture and art.

Scientific articles published in the journal describe the experience of using modern technologies in the implementation of projects to preserve cultural heritage and ensure broad access to cultural values, creative projects in the field of modern art, as well as the results of scientific and technological developments aimed at creating new technologies in the field of culture.

The journal aims to disseminate current results of projects, theoretical and applied research and development carried out both in Russia and abroad, aimed at effective interaction of culture, art and technology.

A distinctive feature of the magazine is the ability to publish articles with various multimedia content. From our point of view, this will allow us to discuss the results of using new technologies in culture and art in more detail and content.

The journal's materials are of interest to representatives of business structures engaged in the development and implementation of innovative technologies, including software and hardware systems in the field of computer graphics and virtual reality, as well as information and communication and optical technologies, as well as Internet solutions for cultural, scientific and educational institutions.

The magazine also aims to attract the attention of representatives of state authorities and organizations of the tourism sector to the potential of modern technologies in the field of culture and art.

Leading foreign experts in the relevant fields are involved in cooperation with the magazine.

The magazine uses the experience of holding Russian and international conferences. The international scientific journal "Culture and technology" has been published in the format of an electronic scientific peer-reviewed periodical since 2016. The periodicity of the magazine's publication is four times a year. The main languages of publications are Russian and English.

Metadata of journal articles is available in scientific information aggregators such as the OAIster® database, the Google Academy, and the Socionet information system, which operates as part of the international RePEc and Open Archives Initiative.

The founder of the journal is the Saint Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO University).

The electronic multimedia magazine "Culture and technologies" is registered as a network publication in the Federal service for supervision of communications, information technologies and mass communications. Certificate of registration of the mass media EL no. FS 77-66092 dated June 10, 2016.

Materials published in the publication are not restricted for viewing in accordance with the Federal law of 29.12.2010 No. 436-FZ "on protection of children from information that harms their health and development".

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For cooperation with the editorial Board of the journal "Culture and technology", contact the chief editor Dmitry Prokudin, vol. 8-921-740-49-09, e-mail: cat@corp.ifmo.ru